Durations and The Fats Loss Protocol – Your Questions Answered

Ladies are lovely, sturdy and sophisticated creatures. Our feminine our bodies produce completely different hormones every week of our cycle, and due to this there are vital modifications that occur on an virtually weekly foundation. It’s very cool!

So let’s chat about our durations and the Fats Loss Protocol (FLP). It’s usually a scorching subject in our boards – so let’s see if we are able to reply all the frequent questions that pop up!

When to begin

Why Do We Must Wait Till the Finish of Our Menstrual Cycle Earlier than Starting the FLP?

I feel that we are able to ALL agree that our interval will be accompanied by PMS signs – cravings, elevated starvation, weight positive factors, emotional temper swings, and so forth. You could be hungrier/extra emotional, making it tougher to remain on observe in the course of the early levels. Give your self a while to get into the groove together with your meals and regulate to the Part 2 fashion of consuming. It’s truthfully by no means going to really feel straightforward, however there are actually instances will probably be simpler than others, so choosing the proper time is sensible.

In menstruating girls, the very best time to begin Part 1 (hormone-wise) is instantly after a interval. This system works finest when adopted precisely as it’s written so remember that should you do begin mid-cycle that there was some indication that it *could* have an effect on total losses (we’ve had studies of these beginning mid-cycle experiencing decrease than common losses).

The time you begin is certainly one thing to completely think about – it gives you the very best probability of acquiring optimum ends in weight reduction and long-term weight stability by making certain our hormones are as balanced as doable.

When to Begin – Irregular Durations

This actually is a private resolution. Now we have a lot of folks with very irregular cycles – whether or not it is because of contraceptive gadgets such because the IUD, hormonal situations akin to PCOS, or the perimenopause. I had extreme symptomatic PCOS with extraordinarily irregular durations after I first began, so I can perceive from a really private degree how tough the choice about when to begin is.

Principally, you’ve two decisions. The primary one is that you can wait on your interval to reach after which begin instantly afterwards. The second is that you can begin now – there are simply two belongings you want to concentrate on should you do select to do that:

1 – You could probably expertise slower than common weight reduction as there appears to be a better incidence of gradual losses with these beginning mid cycle; and

2 – If you happen to did occur to get your interval inside the first 10 days of being on the drops, you wouldn’t be capable of cease the drops for the primary Three days of your interval as really useful, as there wouldn’t be sufficient construct up in your system to make sure this system was working appropriately and that you simply proceed accessing irregular fats shops and aren’t feeling hungry, and so forth.

Menstruation and Part 2

How Lengthy Do I Cease My Drops For?

In case you have been on the assist drops for longer than 10 days, we advocate stopping the assist drops for the heaviest Three days of your cycle.

That is most likely additionally an excellent time to learn the PDF doc titled ‘HCG and Menstruation’, which is out there within the information part of the personal Fb web page. On this doc, Cyndi explains the reasoning behind stopping the drops so you may make your personal knowledgeable resolution.

Weight Acquire/Fluctuations

Whereas menstruating, you might even see some weight positive factors. It may be discouraging, however it’s utterly regular to expertise weight fluctuations coming as much as and going via ovulation and menstruation as your hormones are altering.

It usually begins Three-5 days previous to the primary day of menstruation. You’ll doubtless discover both stalled weight or small positive factors throughout this time. It’s then frequent to have a big acquire the day earlier than, or the day of menstruation (usually 800g-2kg), after which it ought to progressively come off over the next days. That is only a ‘basic’ information based mostly on what we mostly see, nevertheless everybody has their very own completely different sample and you’ll come to be taught yours over your time on the protocol.

Hormonal Modifications

Hormonal modifications could cause weight acquire by rising water retention.

Within the days earlier than your interval, estrogen and progesterone quickly lower. This tells your physique that it’s time to start menstruation. Estrogen and progesterone additionally management the way in which your physique regulates fluid. When these hormones fluctuate, the tissues in your physique accumulate extra water. The result’s water retention.

Water retention could trigger swelling – this will increase physique weight, however NOT fats.


Now we have had studies from quite a few peri and post-menopausal girls who’ve reported the return of their interval for 1-2 cycles (usually in Part 2). However then the overwhelming constructive suggestions has been that the majority menopausal signs are drastically eradicated post-protocol, significantly when you’ve reached a super weight (as a result of the irregular fats shops are not producing further hormones so your physique has lastly discovered steadiness and concord). 

Lower in Magnesium

When your interval begins, magnesium ranges progressively lower. This drop can provoke sugar cravings and contribute to weight acquire.

Magnesium is a mineral that regulates your physique’s hydration standing. Low ranges of magnesium could cause dehydration. Nonetheless, dehydration can masks itself as starvation. It could actually additionally make you need sugary meals once you’re simply thirsty. A good way to soak up magnesium into your physique is to soak for 20 minutes in a magnesium salt/Epsom salt tub. Or you can attempt rubbing some magnesium oil into your stomach. This can be a excellent technique to chill out in addition to scale back irritation, soothe the ache from menstrual cramps, aid you to de-stress and assist cleansing.

Menstrual Irregularities

Menstrual irregularities are pretty frequent in Part 2. It is because our fats shops are literally hormone-producing – as we strip our fats shops quickly in Part 2 we even have a speedy adjustment in hormones. Typically, we see it fall again into place in Part four as our weight stabilises and we’re at our wholesome weight. Even in case you have been common earlier than, your physique is likely to be looking for its pure rhythm – this will take just a few cycles as many people discover steadiness with the moon cycle.

FLP & Start Management

Our assist drops are purely homeopathic – they don’t include any HCG. Homeopathic treatments usually are not made utilizing man-made chemical compounds or medicine, they’re constructed from herbs and hint minerals that are naturally present in nature to assist and enhance the physique’s pure therapeutic talents. The assist drops work through the use of energenics – telling the physique to make use of its irregular fats.

The drops shouldn’t have a adverse impact on the tablet or vice versa (the truth is there aren’t any recognized contraindications with our drops and any drugs), nevertheless breakthrough recognizing/bleeding could happen.

Menstruation and Part Three

“I’ve learn within the tips that it’s best to not get your interval throughout Part Three. Why?”

All of it has to do with shifting into Part Three at the very best time hormone-wise for our our bodies and in addition in order that we’re minimising the possibility of hormonal irritation and fluctuations early in Part four after we will probably be reintroducing and testing meals. It’s a lot simpler to deal with with out hormonal cravings too!

Though it isn’t perfect, for a few of us we’ve no alternative (i.e. already finished the max 43 days in Part 2 after which transfer into Part Three and our interval unexpectedly arrives) and we should face Part Three with our interval.

However please don’t worry – it’s one thing that may be handled simply. Part Three is the time that we cease the assist drops and put together our physique’s biochemistry to eat once more – utilizing meals as vitality and never your saved irregular fats. Simply be conscious that should you start to really feel hungry, this will simply be your hormones speaking…

Menstruation and Part four

Part four requires heaps and plenty of endurance…particularly for us girls who’ve two hormonal occasions a month, and in addition for these of us who are inclined to react to many issues. Simply proceed to take issues day-to-day, minute by minute if you need to…the endurance required to lose a bit of little bit of irritation is much lower than that of somebody who has thrown within the towel, regained all their weight and needed to begin once more.

If you happen to attain Part four and have gained some hormonal irritation from menstruation, you merely transition however don’t start any testing of meals. As an alternative, enhance your serving sizes of your Part 2 secure meals, consuming till satiety – take all fats and pores and skin off meat till any hormonal irritation is gone and you come back to your lowest recognized protocol weight. Then you’ll be able to start your Part four testing and reintroduction of meals.

The identical recommendation applies in case your durations or ovulation fall at anytime throughout Part four – merely cease any testing till any hormonal irritation has settled and your weight has stabilised. Simply maintain tight and as quickly as your weight is again down, you can begin your introductions once more.

Each lady and each cycle is completely different. Contraception tablets, fertility medicine or hormone prescriptions can intensify issues. Monitor how your physique reacts to find what’s regular for you. You could wish to observe your signs and weight with an app or calendar – I take advantage of a free app referred to as “FLO”.  That approach, you’ll know when to anticipate your weight acquire. Nonetheless, do your finest to not concentrate on the numbers – weight fluctuations are regular and customary.

Keep in mind that you’re not alone. Don’t get upset or freak out should you placed on just a few further kilograms throughout your interval. Almost definitely, that weight acquire will go away after just a few days. This protocol is wonderful – keep it up and belief the method.

“The best way I see it, if you would like the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.” Dolly Parton

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